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Since the company founding in 1990 to present day, the main course of the company is development of scientific equipment for investigations in all the fields of nanotechnology. The company implements the full business cycle: from development and production of the equipment to marketing and sales to the end users. That is why we need skilled specialists in different fields for the interesting work in development, production, marketing and sales departments in Russia and abroad (see the vacancies in the Dutch office of NT-MDT). See the “Careers” section for more details.

For application or more detailed information please contact:
Julia Alexeeva
CEO of NT-MDT Europe BV NT-MDT Europe BV

De Pinckart 54
5674 CC Nuenen
The Netherlands
Office tel:+31(0) 40 26 31 200
Office fax: +31(0) 40 26 31 201

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