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I am writing to express our full satisfaction with the fantastic work done by Allen in our laboratory servicing the NTEGRA and training my students and postdocts. Allen was a superb instructor and explained in great detail all the capabilities of the instrument. Allen, as a great professor, allowed my students to gain confidence in using the different SPM techniques while highlighting the physics fundamentals behind them.
When choosing a device we are looking forward to get quality, performance for our specific applications and, of course, the best price.
What we get from NTMDT for our AFM was not only these: we found out a very serious and hard working team, ready to solve any of our problem related to operating and best exploiting this device and more: we got people taking care, we got real professionals.
In time we found out that in Romanian there already exists a NTMDT community, sharing the same good experiences, interacting with each other and with the Romanian representatives of the company.
Institute of Materials Science of NCSR Demokritos / Nikolaos Laskaris
Many greetings from Greece!
I wish you (all people there at NT-MDT) to know that in the Acknowledgment section of my thesis I mention NT-MDT and expres my thanks for your help and support.
Prof. Dr. U. Kamachi Mudali
Yes, we have received the packet on Friday, 24th and the first experiment was conducted successfully using the new cell yesterday. We are so thankful to you for the excellent support and care shown to deliver the items. We look forward to have your continuing support.
no foto
Institute of Chemistry, University of the PhilippinesDiliman / Roland V. Sarmago
I would like to thank you for the machine you delivered to us. We are happy about it. And surely we are also planning with NT-MDT in mind, hopefuly in not so distant future.
Tel Aviv University / Prof. Alexander Kotlyar
This is to express my deepest gratitude and satisfaction to the company for a wonderful instrument, technical support, and help. I and members of my laboratory all very much enjoy your Solver AFM spectrometer. It is very reliable, user-friendly and accurate. The service you provided was exceptional and would recommend NT-MDT to anyone working in the field of atomic microscopy.
I wish your company continued success in years to come.
Thank you and happy 20-th anniversary to all NT-MDT employees,
Alexander Kotlyar.
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