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Nanotechnology is exploding. The world of small sizes has never been as vital for so many directions in science and industry. With this new direction comes a greater need for measurement on the atomic scale and new demands for reliable, precise, and multi-purpose instrumentation.


Our mission is to enable researchers, engineers and developers to conduct nanoscale research by creating ever more perfect nanotechnology instrumentation.

NT-MDT enjoys a 20-year history in instrumentation created specifically for nanotechnology research, leading the field in originality, quality, and high tech development.
We strive for next-generation SPM technology, whether it be in pure modularity that allows a university or industrial lab to start with a cost-effective core product and build to a grand, multi-user research center or the ultimate amalgamation of SPM with related technologies that has resulted in ultramicrotomy for nanotomography and spectroscopy-based instruments that meld the world of imaging with the world of chemical analysis. We believe passionately in pushing the envelope for rapid innovation while still delivering superb customer service.

NT-MDT offers expert service and applications development through more than 20 representative offices and distributor centers around the globe. There are two key branch offices opened in Holland and Ireland. In the past five years, our installed base has grown to over 4000 instruments, promoting growth of both lab and research programs world-wide.

Whether you are engaged every day in nano research or just contemplating it, coupling your specific scientific knowledge and expertise with our competence in instrument creation will produce the highest quality research results currently available.

Along the way, we maintain a global perspective, always taking into consideration the needs of student in the classroom, the researcher at the cutting edge in the laboratory, and the practicalities of industrial R&D.


NT-MDT SI Participates at E-MRS Fall Meeting and Exhibit 2017

NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments were proud to participate at E-MRS Fall Meeting 2017 Warsaw, Poland September 18th – 21st Далее


NT-MDT is the constant participant of thematic conferences and exhibitions; it takes part in development-of-the-year contests. Management and workers of the company are periodically awarded honorary titles.


We devote much attention to the quality and certification of our products.


Since the company founding in 1990 to present day, the main course of the company is development of scientific equipment for investigations in all the fields of nanotechnology. The company implements the full business cycle: from development and production of the equipment to marketing and sales to the end users. That is why we need skilled specialists in different fields for the interesting work in development, production, marketing and sales departments in Russia and abroad (see the vacancies in the Dutch office of NT-MDT). See the “Careers” section for more details.

For application or more detailed information please contact:
Julia Alexeeva
CEO of NT-MDT Europe BV NT-MDT Europe BV

De Pinckart 54
5674 CC Nuenen
The Netherlands
Office tel:+31(0) 40 26 31 200
Office fax: +31(0) 40 26 31 201


Customer Feedback

Cornell University / Juan P Hinestroza
I am writing to express our full satisfaction with the fantastic work done by Allen in our laboratory servicing the NTEGRA and training my students and postdocts. Allen was a superb instructor and explained in great detail all the capabilities of the instrument. Allen, as a great professor, allowed my students to gain confidence in using the different SPM techniques while highlighting the physics fundamentals behind them.
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