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18.10.2006 NT-MDT participates in Austrian-Russian Science Day in Vienna. Оn 16-20th of October 2006 NT-MDT Co takes part in Austrian-Russian Science Day:Bilateral Meeting on Nanosciences and Nanotechnology held...
12.09.2006 NT-MDT runs regular annual distributors’ meeting. On 18-20th of September in Apeldoorn, Netherlands, NT-MDT Co runs its annual distributors’ meeting where more then 20 of our world’s representatives w...
27.07.2006 On 17th of July, 2006 NT-MDT quality management system was certificated according to the requirements of ISO 9001-2000.
05.07.2006 NT-MDT with a great honor announces that our NTEGRA Spectra has won an R&D 100 Award which is one of the most prestigious awards in the field of analytical instrumentation! It has been selected as one...
08.06.2006 On 13-15th of June NT-MDT Company will take part in the XXth International Economic Forum held under the Russian Federation President’s patronage.
25.05.2006 New informational and advertising materials on NTEGRA Spectra are available now. Look at the animated optical scheme and try to switch lasers or gratings by mouse click, scrutinize differences between...
16.05.2006 Hereby NT-MDT Co announces a new distribution contract signing up with EDGETECH SCIENTIFIC PVT. LTD. in India regionDistributor agreements between NT-MDT SIMCO GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY & SYSTEMS LTD. are ter...
11.05.2006 NT-MDT's announced tests completion of new 1 um scanner. This new scanner has a high resonance frequency of piezotube about 17 kHz and allows working without active vibration isolation system. At the ...
12.04.2006 NT-MDT president Dr. V.A. Bykov has been awarded with the highest sign of “National greatness”.
04.04.2006 At March 13-17 NT-MDT took part in X “Nanophysics and Nanoelectronics” Symposium which was held in Nizhny Novgorod.
30.03.2006 Successful close-out of European NANOSPIN project’s regular stage.
24.03.2006 NT-MDT Co. puts on the market new product – sealed fluid cell with temperature control in -30 +170 C range.
14.03.2006 NT-MDT company has won a privilege to participate in annual «AFM and other scanned microscopes» short courses led by famous Dr. Phillip E. Russell.
13.03.2006 Russian-Hungarian international nanotechnology center foundation.
13.03.2006 NT-MDT president Dr. V.A. Bykov is awarded by “Community” newspaper with honorary “Business-like co-operation 2005” Diploma.
03.03.2006 A senior researcher Belyaev Alexey, an author of many science and research studies, one of the best specialists of our company who contributed a lot into our company development, was awarded with hono...
01.03.2006 NT-MDT has new distributors in Taiwan and China - OMEGA Scientific Taiwan Limited and Shanghai AJ Nano-Science Development Co. accordingly. These companies successfully deal with a range of scientific...
23.01.2006 On 5-9 of December 2005 NT-MDT company organized a seminar "Nanotechnology and atomic force microscopy as a tool of nanotechnology".
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