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29.12.2005 On the threshold New Year NT-MDT Co. puts on the market new product – Nanotechnology Facility NANOFAB 100.
26.12.2005 President NT-MDT Co. Bykov V.A. become laureate of All-Russian Public award “National Grandeur” and is awarded with order of "Responsibility and Nobility".
26.12.2005 The Coordinating Council of the International programme “Partnership for the sake of progress” awarded NT-MDT Co. Honorary prize "EXPO-2005" with presenting the right to use the emblem of the prize in...
02.12.2005 The company was awarded by Sign order st. Alexander Nevskiy «For Labors and Motherland».
20.09.2005 В разделе "О компании" введена рубрика "СМИ о компании", где можно познакомиться с различными публикациями в газетах и журналах, посвященными деятельности компании.
01.06.2005 The Probe Selection Guide is now available on ntmdt-tips.com. It can help you to choose appropriate cantilever for your application.
12.05.2005 NEW!A unique Contact Scanning Capacitance Microscopy system is now available. NT-MDT Company launches to the market new SCM system.
03.05.2005 NEW! On-line Internet shop is open! You are welcome to buy any NT-MDT accessories at www.ntmdt-tips.com. A broad choice of SPM probes, calibration standards and test samples is available. Exclusively ...
14.04.2005 On NanoEducator page new Practical Work is published. The Practical Work deals with analysis of water microflora.
13.04.2005 NT-MDT received certificate from PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, Germany) metrological institute for calibration standards TGS1. Individually PTB traceable grating set TGS1 is available no...
01.03.2005 On NanoEducator page Instruction Manual and Laboratory experiments (Study Book) are renewed.
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