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30.12.2003 We continue to support our users as much as we can. A few Manuals in Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) are already available. More will come up soon.
22.10.2003 We have released the WAP site! http://wap.ntmdt.com So you can get the most important information about our company and distributors using your cell phone any time.
25.09.2003 Software for SPM page in Technical Support is updated. DOS and Windows Control Programs are updated. In DOS Control Program interactive HELP is included.
22.04.2003 New product release! Solver MFM for magnetic materials reseach with external variable magnetic field
16.04.2003 Products page is updated. Information about attachments for atomic resolution for Solver P47H and SMENA; and AFAM unit is added. More information is now available for Solver P47H with heating stage (u...
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