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03.12.2002 New grating for detection of lateral non-linearity - TGX1.
04.11.2002 SPM techniques page is updated. Seven new animations (KFM, SCM, STM & AFM (Scratching) Lithographies, Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopies I(z), LDOS, CITS) are added.
04.11.2002 SPM links page is updated. Links to our users homepages are added.
30.10.2002 We became more available for you! You can see live video from Service group office on the Techsuppurt page.
28.10.2002 New application note «Femto-current Spreading Resistance Imaging» added!
21.10.2002 New application note Improved one-step zoom and Z-linearity with «Closed-Loop Equivalent» extension. added!
08.10.2002 You are welcome to download the updated Products Catalog at "Products"
05.09.2002 NT-MDT is glad to announce that KORE Technology Ltd. has joined NT-MDT DEALER TEAM for the United Kingdom market.
31.08.2002 Section SPM techniques on our site was updated! Each SPM mode in section now have a Flash visualization.
19.07.2002 NT-MDT firm rewards with cantilever package customers for sending papers containing results acquired with NT-MDT microscopes.Send papers to rbk@ntmdt.ru
19.07.2002 NT-MDT devices push European Nanotechnology. Some frames of the television topic (avi-file, rm-file) demonstrate the operation with Solver P47 SPM from NT-MDT. EURONEWS. HI-TECH. 19.07.02. Nanotechnol...
12.07.2002 New "Biology and Medicine" application note. We’d like to announce you the new "The SPM design and methods for biological application." application note. This application demonstrates the critical res...
12.07.2002 New "Polymers & THIN FILMs" application note. We’d like to announce you the new "Temperature behavior of LB films of azobenzene derivative." application note. This application demonstrates the possibi...
21.06.2002 Nano Technology Instruments-Europe BV (NTI) has signed a partnership agreement with DPI. The signing of the contract took place on the 12th of June during the first DPI workshop on automated synthesis...
15.03.2002 New application note Combined optical and SPM investigations of biological samples with Solver BIO SPM.
11.03.2002 We have developed the new Solver SNOM model for you. It draws all advantages of inverted optical microscope and is easy upgradable for AFM, STM techniques. More information is here.
01.03.2002 We are glad to announce that NT-MDT branch was opened on 20.02.2002 in the Netherlands. Here you can find NTI-Europe contacts.
01.03.2002 Now the whole section in the scan gallery is devoted to Nanofinder measurements. Here you can see the images.
15.02.2002 We are happy to present you Boo-Ki Scientific Co. as a new NT-MDT distributor for South Korea. Here you can lean some more information.
06.02.2002 NT-MDT Co. appoints ATOS Gmbh as its exclusive distributor for Germany and Austria. More information about ATOS Gmbh you can learn from: www.atos-online.de.
24.01.2002 The new section "Job opportunities" is added. The applicants may e-mail their CV to natasha@ntmdt.ru.
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