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22.11.2001 New Demonstration. You are welcome to look at Closed Liquid Cell assembling and operation.
01.11.2001 New application note SPM analysis of the CD/DVD discs.
31.10.2001 New R&D product "Smena Low Vacuum" added.
15.10.2001 New application note Phase Detection In Semicontact Mode.
03.08.2001 New products! Test Grating For Scanning Near Field Optical Microscope.
02.08.2001 New application note Lithography with SPM.
25.06.2001 New application note "In-Situ AFM Visualization Of Ion Tracks In Silicon Dioxide Using Selective Wet Etching" with FLASH-animation!
14.06.2001 Site update! "Ask online!" service! Now You can ask all the questions concerning us and our products by using this new and unique feature. Our qualified online operators will readily provide the reque...
14.06.2001 New publication "Investigations of the interference of surface plasmons on rough silver surface by scanning plasmon near-field microscope" [FULL TEXT in PDF]
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